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   # Cronology of mayor events, exibitions and installations 1991/2002
   # Videoproductions 1992/2002  

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Art Biography
Federico Bucalossi
Florence, Italy 1968
via bruceto, 43 - 51010 Massa e Cozzile (PT) Italy
Cell. +39 338 2649685
Fax. +39 571 930038

Federico Bucalossi is an Italian artist with over 10 years experience in the field of multimedia art. Federico has a background as a multimedia artist, multimedia director, video art director, web designer, trainer and consultant. He is also member of the groups StranoNetwork (computer-internet Art), Yellowcake (Electronic performances for the label KK records, Belgium), Quinta Parete (Art Minimal TV). He also work in the fields of theatre, music, fashion and graphic design.

Since 1991 he has exhibited nationally within Italy and also internationally. He has exhibited at major art exhibitions, art festivals, institutions and on the Internet. He has also participated as a guest speaker at new media conferences in Italy and overseas. He has also received awards and mentions at exhibitions and festivals for his film and multimedia works.

Federico combines different art mediums (video, interactive installations, painting, music, theatre, and computer generated art) in his multimedia art works. As an artist he has a minimalist / reductionist approach to his works. Over the last 10 years he has sought to decrease the data and information in his art by using only black and white colors, simple shapes and clear social concepts.

- Villa Vogel Florence - Solo exhibition
- The 9th Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
- "L.Pecci " Museum of Contemporary Art , Prato, Italy
- Multimedia Traks, Rome RAI Italian National TV
- Art95, Art Fear Competition, Bardonia, New York
- Next Five Minutes, Netime International Meeting, The Netherlands
- Metaforum II, Netime International Meeting, Budapest, Hungary
- Medici Palace, Florence Italy
- Venice Videopoetry, Venice Italy
- Florence Fringe Festival, Florence, Italy

2002 Best Nightlife web site in Italy - www.tenax.org
1998 First Prize at "Cyber Racconto" Prato Italy
1996 First Prize at "Videomiserie" Leonardi Art Gallery, Genova, Italy



o Web-art design for Tenax House Club in Florence. Best nightlife site in Italy 2001/2002
o Web Fiesta Florence. VideoArt exhibition with the video "I'm not Human"
o Interactive scenography for Theatrical performances with the companies GiallomareMinimalTeatro and TPO.

o T-Shirts Project "Thinking different humans"
o Villa Vogen, Florence Italy. Solo exhibition

o Perugia International Film and Art Festival "Batik". Speaker at the conference on New Media showing of multimedia project "Thinking Different Humans"
o Rome Hack-It 2000. Speaker at the conference "Hacker Art Lab" showing the CdRom "Sensual Zone 3.0".
o Florence Fringe Festival. Exhibition of the video "Thinking Different Humans".

o Taipei, Taiwan. 9th Internationl Biennal print and drawing Exhibition. "The End of Contemporary Humans" 100x70 paint on canvas
o Spazio-Tempo art gallery Florence. "Thinking Different Human" 150x120 painting on canvas and video.
o Florence Fringe Festival. "www.strano.net/whocare" 300 printed t-shirts + 4 computer print 100x300.
o S.Giovani V.Arno Arezzo. "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue". Masaccio Minimal Tv, Interactive TV.
oVinci, Multiscena Festival. "Occhio di Polifemo" Net art installation.
o Florence, Pitti Uomo. "WorldBit" Net Art for the fashion designer Fabrizio Fabbri (www.strano.net/worldbit) over 100 web cams in the world.

o Florence, StapProject Art Gallery. "The End of Contemporary Human" 3 painting on canvas 100x120 + video.
o Italy, Theatrical Companies. Video, laboratory, sound effects and multimedia scenography for theater performances ("Lo sguardo di Pinocchio", "Mamie Ouate" directed by Edoardo Donatini "Storie Zip" di Davide Venturini). Mentioned at Lyone Biennale (France).
o Florence, Festa de l'Unità. "This is only light" Interactive Installation, 3 painting on canvas 250x150 + strobos lights, ultraviolet lights, 2 sound sorces and 3 movement sensors.
o Florence, Medici Palace. "SimZone" Intertactive Installation. Videogame box, three 28' monitors Macintosh computer, color printer and Art Simulation Software on Cd.
o Rome, RAI Viale Mazzini. "Sensual Zone" Interactive Installation. Videogame box, Macintosh computer, four 28' monitors, 1 videoprojector, CdRom.
o Prato, TPO Metastasio Theater. "Cyber racconto" 1° prize with "Sensual Zone 1.0" CdRom.

o Europe Tour. Tecno festivals in Amsterdam, Antwerpen (Belgium), Bruxelless, Milan, Bologna, Florence and Rome using real time video effects and multimedia digital effects with Yellowcake (KK records)
o Messina Italy. Electronic Music Festival "Biotech". Yellowcake Multimedia Performance.
o Siena, Visionaria Film Festival. Mentioned with the video 'Il reato del Corpo"
o Publication of the book "Netstrike - No Copyright" AAA ed.

o Rome, PalaEur. "Cyber-Days" sponsored by Telecom Italia. Net performance "Telematic Identity" with StranoNetwork.
o Venice, Italy. International Art exhibition "Venezia Poesia" in the video-poem section with the video "Opposite Hemispheres"
o Ancona, Italy. Art exibition "La musa Elettronica". Net performance "Telematic Identity" with StranoNetwork
o Bari, Fizzarotti Palace. "Virtual Lights - New frontiers on comunication and art". Video "Tetsuya and the end of contemporary Humans"
o Amsterdam, Paradise club. "Next Five MInutes - Tactical Media" organized by the mailing-list Netime. Conference speaker as rapresentative of the group StranoNetwork.

o Rome, Brancaleone. VideoArt exibition "Cathodica". Projection of the short film "Sensual Zone".
o Milan, Atelier Gluck. VideoArt exhibition "Fermo Immagine 95"
o Budapest, Hungary. Art Academy. "Metaforum II - No Borders" organized by the mailing-list Netime, Conference speaker as rapresentative of the group StranoNetwork.
o Florence, "Zut Cybercafè". Permanent Telematic installation (free Internet).
o Prato, Museum of Contemporary Art. VideoArt exibition "Videominuto" with the video "Limbs"
o New York, US. International Art Fair "Art95" with the VideoPaint "Sensual Zone".
o Bologna. Art exhibition "Metropoli - Cibernauti". Projection of the video "Berlino-San Donato".
o Prato, Museum of Contemporary Art. "Sensual Zone" Interactive Installation. Videogame box, Macintosh computer, three 28' monitors, 1 videoprojector, CdRom.
o Genova, Leonardi Art Gallery. VideoArt exibition "Videomiserie" Genova. First Prize with the video "Tetsuya and the end of contemporary humans".

o Empoli, Florence. "Intifada" centre. "Azione Elettronica" a concert performance for experimental sounds, mutant bodies and random frequencies.
o San Miniato, Pisa. Installation and performance "S'Corpor'Azione".
o Florence, "Spazio-Tempo" Art Gallery. Art exibition "Videodialetti". Audiovisual installations "Multivision and Random Frequencies".
o Prato, Museum of Contemporary Art. VideoArt exibition "Videominuto". Projection of the short film "Videodipendenze".
o Empoli, Florence. Audiovisual installation of the videoclip "Mutoid-Gorgo" in collaboration with Barbara Fluvi.

o San Miniato, Pisa. Happenig-Performance "Man or Cyborg"
o Vinci. "Virus" centre. Performance on the alternative uses of computer with demonstrations of morphing and hypertexts, using Macintosh applications.

o Empoli, Florence. Festa de l'Unità, "Untitled" Paint on canvas.

o Florence, river Arno. "Trotzdem" floating paints on the river arno curated by Mario Mariotti. "Untitled" 3 painting 150x150.


"HO FATTO UN SOGNO" (I had a dream)1993 - 6min. Di Giacomo de Bastiani, Federico Bucalossi e Francesco Campigli. Con: Isabelle, Xenofon, Consuelo. Videoclip with midi music.
"BOSNIA NEWS" 1993/1994 - 35min. Di F.B. Alessandro Pappalardo e Betty Bianconi. Reportage from Bosnia during the war.
"MUTOID GORGO" 1994 - 15min.
Tre video che scorrono su tre monitor posti a semicerchio. Lampeggiamenti stroboscopici (dream machine) immagini veloci, violente a tratti psichedeliche. Esperimento
"MULTIVISIONE E FREQUENZE CASUALI" 1994 - 17min (multivision and random frequencies) Three videos for installation.
"ECOCATASTROFE" 1994 - 7min. Di F.B. con Francesco Campigli e Niccol˜ Cosimi.Video in an abandoned and devastated area.
"VIDEODIPENDENZE" 1994 - 1min. Videoclip in three audio layers and three video layers
"EMISFERI OPPOSTI" 1994 - 15min Videoinstallation with tho vertical monitors to stimolate the different emispheres.
"ZONE SENSUALI" 1995 - 11min./15min. Video and text. In a hypothetical future videogames are changed to sensorial machine.
"VIDEOMIND" 1995 - 2min Devastating result of audiovisual overload.
"BERLIN-TV-S.DONATO" 1995 - 5min. Two mixed videos
of two streets one in Berlin and one in the Tuscany country.
"MIND-OFF" 1995 1min. Devastating result of audiovisual overload.
"GREAT WESTERN MACHINE" 1995 - 5min. Videoclip for the band Glomming Geek. Distribuito da Wide Records
"TETSUYA E LA FINE DELL'UOMO CONTEMPORANEO" 1995 - 10min. con Ilaria Faraoni, Mariasole Delilla, Niccol˜ Vivarelli . Realized in Vhs and Super 8. Anxiety and violence of contemporary humans.
"TRACCE DI... tra apparire e trovare" 1996 - 6min. Giallo Mare Minimal Teatro e la coll.ne di C.Parrini. Theatrical video similar to the black theatre of Prague.
"FULL IMMERSION" 1996 - in loop. Con il gruppo "Quinta Parete" e Giallo Mare Minimal Teatro Three video for theatrical performance.
"MIND-OFF 3studies" 1997 - 2 mins
"EXTERMINATE US ALL" 1997 - 1 min Three studies for a suicide
"VORTEX" 1996 15 min. Regia di F.Bucalossi musiche di Andrea Bini e Sandro Verdecchia, paints di Hanna. Experimental performance with music, video and paint in real time.
"ADRENOCHROME" 1997 21 min. Regia di F.Bucalossi, Musiche di A.Bini e S.Verdecchia, scritture di Giampaolo Coralli, body di Annalisa Paini. Fotografie di Joseph Spezza. Experimental performance for energy excange.
"LIMBS" 1997 1 min Stillness
"IL REATO DEL CORPO" 1997 - 2 min Regia di David Parri e F.Bucalossi con Michele Nicotra, Stefano Pazzini, Stefano Cosimi
"MAMIE OUATE" 1998 - 3 mins Video for theatrical performance. Entirely shooted in dvd in a swimming pool.
"THINKING DIFFERENT HUMANS" 1999 Videoinstallation Florence Fringe festival
"MINIMAL TV" (1997/2000) TV programs for art openings and exhibitions. By Quinta Parete