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Is Italy governed by fascists?

If you come to an affirmative answer for this ominous question after reading
our comment, then the second question that your conscience must answer to is
'what to do to change the state of things'. We ask such questions after
Genoa's facts, particularly following the annihilation and massacre of the
Genoa Social Forum's communication centre. After three days of street
massacre and one shot dead man, the young demonstrator Carlo Giuliani, on a
scene where -keep it in mind for the future times- police referred to the
hundred of thousands of pacific demonstrators ONLY on a military basis
('black block' being just an escuse to do it), after hundreds of wounded,
many serious, here come the news on saturday night of an illegal assault to
an independant information centre, news which all uf us must reflect on,
news that brought us to ask such questions. Infact the procedures of
repressive actions against the demonstration -from Giuliani's death to the
demostrant-looking-like infiltrated groups which succeeded in mixing
themselves with the crowd just in order to setup provocations-, and moreover
the procedures of the last extremely serious act of assault the Genoa Social
Forum headquarter, led us to the conviction that Italy has become a fascist
State. Before it's too late we must strongly denounce and set up a political
reaction on an international level, to get out from this renewed
dictatorship climax. Luckily the largest part of official media, even
amongst nauseating political analysis and absolutely distorting press
articles, are focusing on the real facts just the way they happened. Anyway,
we invite you to have a look the following indipendant sources, to find
correspondences, reply and confirmations of what we are going to say in the
next lines:
An innovative and exciting 'autonomous information' experiment -covering the
Net (where images, audio and video materials have being arriving with
more-than-professional quickness and quality, ready to start a worldwide
trip) but the real world too (radio boosting real-time information)- was
terminated in BLOOD. Radiogap from Genoa stopped transmitting after the
brutal police attack , while the last words spoken on air were 'like Chile,
just like Chile...'. Then silence from Genoa. A silence which is like a
punch in the stomach.
We intend to denounce what happened last night, July 21, in the operative
headquarter of the pacific demonstrating movement Genoa Social Forum, being
also a place where indipendant information regarding counter-demonstrations
were broadcasted. The assault was clearly organized in the aim of stopping
the independant media operations thorugh fascist repression: - ALL the
people of the Centre were wounded and arrested
- Deputees and lawyers kept away from the scene with violent actions
- Searches, confiscations of all the informative documents
- (Obviously) illegal damages to all the equipments and stuff in the Centre.
This all is not only incredibly serious, uncostitutional, illegal,
unacceptable. It is also a clear warning saying that Italy has become a
fascist State, unable to grant democratic and costitutional freedom to its
citizens, and this is why we invite the journalists and political parties to
move on and denounce the state of things (we expecially invite those who are
NOT italian, as we don't know how long the italians can act freely in the

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