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Article (3/6/91) by Kenneth Simon in which he studies computer mediated social interaction and how it is different from social interaction through other media or face to face.
Gerth Branwyn article from WIRED 1.4 about neural interfacing. Branwyn dedicates most of the article to discussion of current research (which bears little resemblance to science fiction) and conservative (realistic) predictions for the future of the technology.
"The Architecture of Cyberception," a paper by Roy Ascott. The paper advances the theory that the "cybernet, the sum of all the interactive computer-mediated systems" is part of the human sensory aparatus.
Brief article (or possibly excerpt) from WIRED 1.4, an interview with Mark Pauline, Manuel De Landa, and Mark Dery. The three discuss machine consciousness, but not much, and reach no consensus.
"Intelligent Information Filters and Enhanced Reality," by Alexander Chislenko (draft 0.75, 3/12/95). This paper discusses the potential of information filters to augment perception. Document in progress
Article by L. Detweiler, who describes the essay thusly, "Information on email and account privacy, anonymous mailing and posting, encryption, and other privacy and rights issues associated with use of the Internet and global networks in general."
Article by Seeker1 in which he examines the literal meaning and connotation of the terms "primitive" and "modern" and then describes what is meant by "modern primitive."
Mondo2000 (I think) interview with Constance Penley and Andrew Ross, editors of Technoculture. Fairly interesting discussion about the culture that has sprung up around modern technology (computers), but the discussion is limited by the interviewer.
Article about an Australian performance artist named Stelarc who believes that the human body, or parts of it, should be re-engineered.
Brief article about a paper by Anne Balsamo of Georgia Tech, entitled "The Virtual Body in Cyberspace," which examines the impact of virtual reality on how society views the human body.
WIRED? by Charlie Bertsch (12-93). "That we're *physically* addicted to electricity is obvious; the extent to which we're *psychologically* addicted is not. Particularly among people who try to conceive of opposition to the dominant powers in our society, psychological dependence on electricity reveals itself in a recurring tendency to imagine that those powers behave like electrical power."

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