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DNA Computers

I recently became interested in DNA computers after reading an article in Wired magazine ("Gene Genie", August 1995, page 114 -- "It's a hundred times faster than the best serial supercomputer. It's a million times more energy efficient. It's a trillion times denser than the beststorage media. It's a teaspoolful of DNA that's a computer! And Leonard Addleman inventedit.") about how Leonard Addleman, a mathmatician, figured out how to solve extreemly complex math problems by harnessing the massive number of simultaneous molecular reactions possible through the use of DNA.

A New York Timesarticle says that " To the astonishment of even the most wild-eyed optimists, a promising new avenue is opening in computer science. Spurred bya paper published a few months ago describing the solution of a difficult mathematical problem using the chemical units of DNAas computing symbols, researchers are planning systems that would use the genetic material for computations that would insome cases thwart even the fastest supercomputers."

Leonard Addleman's ideas appeared in Science magazine in the November 11, 1994 issue, page 1021, "Molecular Computation of Solutions to Combinatorial Problems," and "On the Path to Computation with DNA,"on page 993 of that same issue. And the April 28, 1995 issue of Science features "A Boom in Plans for DNA Computing," by Richard Lipton of Princeton (see below), who extended the huge parrellism of DNA computers toanother set of previously unsolved problems.

The Computer Science Department at Princeton University has a list of publications on DNA-based Computers in postscriptformat. And there are two other publications on DNA computingavailable that aren't listed on the Princeton page, "Speeding Up Computation via Molecular Biology" by Richard Lipton of Princeton, and "On Constructing a Molecular Computer" by Addleman.

A Cal Tech grad student doing research on DNA computers has set up a list of university researchers studying DNA computers.

DNA computer
The DNA Computer: This page includes many links to online research and information on molecular computation.
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John-Thones Amenyo: Engineering DNA Computer Architectures
Joint Penn-UDel Seminar on DNA Computing. Engineering DNA Computer Architectures: Bringing Mesoscopic (Molecular) Computing into the Mainstream....
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Links to DNA computer
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Man produces a bitchin DNA computer which can be upgraded by soaking it in blo
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Tutorial on Algorithms for DNA Computers: Third Annual Meeting on DNA Computer
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Wired Vol. 3 - 08
GENE GENIE. By Thomas A. Bass. © 1995 Wired Ventures Ltd. - Compilation © 1995 HotWired Ventures LLC. It's a hundred times faster than the best...
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NY Times article on DNA computing
A VAT OF DNA MAY BECOME THE FAST COMPUTER OF THE FUTURE. By Gina Kolata. © 1995 Wired Ventures Ltd. To the astonishment of even the most wild-eyed...
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EurekAlert! News Releases
Items below were posted on the last two weeks by research institutions and scientific organizations, which are responsible for the content. There may be...
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