Online Activism Resource List, Ver. 4.11



A list of Usenet newsgroups, Internet mailing lists and other resources of use to the online activist.

An ACTION/EFF FAQ by Stanton McCandlish

Updated: Oct. 17, 1995

Archived at:, /pub/Activism/activ_resource.faq

See also /pub/Activism/activ_groups.faq, the Online Activism Organizations List.


















Recent Changes


4.11 - updated Cypherpunks entry

4.10 - new listserver address for cybermind










subscribe effector-online

without the "quotes".

Gopher resources are, when possible, pointed to with full paths, rather than

menu titles. If your gopher client cannot handle paths (directory names),

please ask the producers of that software to add support for paths, and URLs,

in their next version. Youíll need to see the documentation for your gopher

client to see how it expects paths to be specified. For the standard unix

gopher, for example, the syntax is:

gopher -p <path> <site> <port - optional if port is 70>

such as:

gopher -p 1/EFF 70

WWW users: to convert a gopher path to a URL: prepend "gopher://" to the site name, and fuse the path to the site name, inserting an extra "/1" at the beginning of the path. If you have to use the port number, insert it and a preceding colon between the site and path:

", 1/EFF" becomes "" To convert an FTP location to a URL, prepend "ftp://" to the site, and join the path to the site:

", /pub/EFF/" become ""


The most current version is available from:, /pub/Activism/activ_resource.faq, 1/Activism, activ_resource.faq



1) activism about online issues like those topics mentioned above, and

2) general activism strategies and tools available online.


The listing of all activism issues & resources (e.g. [non-]smokersí rights, environmentalism, gun ownership/regulation, etc.) and partisan politics specifics, is outside the scope of this list. NOTE: Organizationsí "house organs" are not listed here, and soon neither will be govt. publications or servers. "Enforcement" of this is not yet consistent. Organizational resources (e.g. CPSR mailing lists, PRC ftp servers, etc.) are listed by organization in the 2nd part of this FAQ, the Online Activism Organizations List. Government materials will be in a 3rd list some time soon. In the mean time, see several documents providing info on govt contact and service online, available from, /pub/Activism/. Exception: Organizational items of interest that provide more than "house organ" content may appear in this list.








This document may be freely distributed by any means, provided

1) proper credit/attribution is given

2) the list is not sold for profit(*)

3) the list is not modified without permission(**)


[* Systems that charge for access are specifically exempted, as are CD-ROM collections, and similar distribution methods. Just donít demand a special fee for this file itself, you know what I mean. If in doubt, send email about it.]

[** other than necessary reformatting, such as stripping of linefeeds/ carriage returns, translation to postscript, etc. -i.e. no QUALITATIVE modification of the contents please. If you need to update something, please tell me, and I will make sure the master copy is corrected and a new version distributed.]

The maintainer(s) of this document will greatly appreciate notification of hardcopy publication or inclusion in other non-ephemeral collections (CD-ROM compilations, etc.)

Note that some of this text is borrowed from the promotional literature of the sites/resources described herein. The purpose of such things is to be copied and to spread info, so I canít see there being any objections, but if you are paranoid about reprint rights, best to contact the organizations yourself and make sure itís ok. Before printing in any "real" publication, it would be a good idea to do so anyway, just to make sure the info is correct and current.



Journalists, maintainers of other FAQs (e.g. a more specific, say privacy, resource list), and anyone else should feel free to excerpt from this document. Excerpts in articles and books should follow standard acceptable use guidelines. Mainters of FAQs and lists may use and reformat relevant information for their own lists, and simply credit the creators and maintainers of the list in the apropriate manner (e.g. at specfic entries, or in a "thanks to" section, or whatever fits the document format.) Electronic reposts of only sections of the document should include a pointer to the location of the complete file so others can get the entire thing if they wish to do so.



Membership & General Info:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

1667 K St. NW, Suite 801

Washington DC 20006-1605 USA

+1 202 861 7700 (voice)

+1 202 861 1258 (fax)

+1 202 861 1223 (BBS - 16.8k ZyXEL)

+1 202 861 1224 (BBS - 14.4k V.32bis)



Action is an Internet "mailing list" forum, and serves as a virtual community supporting grassroots political action through networking technology. Action is a focused working group, rather than a chat area.

To subscribe, send a message body of

subscribe ACTION

to via internet email.


<HTML><A HREF=""> Stanton McCandlish

</A><HR><A HREF="">

</A><P><A HREF=""> Electronic Frontier Foundation

</A><P><A HREF=""> Online Activist </A></HTML>







_2600_Magazine_ list for hacker/phreaker issues. A bit irreverent, shall we say, but sometimes turns to issues of law enformcement, regulation and civil liberties. For info on the magazine itself, see 2600 Magazine under "HARDCOPY PUBLICATIONS".

Subscribe:, message body:

"subscribe 2600 <name>"

AAAS Human Rights Action Network forum.

Subscribe:, message body: "SUBSCRIBE AAASHRAN <name>"

The forum for online activism and grassroots political action through networking. Focuses on cooperative discussion between activists and organizations, the devising and completion of projects supporting electronic advocacy and democracy, and postings of important news for the online communications and political action communities. ACTION is a non-organization-specific, tightly focused list. Before joining, please review (and comment upon if you wish) the charter and FAQ for ACTION: see, /pub/Activism/ACTION/ - the list archive. (The entire list is not archived, but important materials will be archived on * in the Activism directory and/or other appropriate areas, while list-specific material will be archived in the ACTION subdirectory of Activism. See below for complete paths & URLs.)

General admin:

Technical admin:

EFF info:

Subscribe:, message body: "subscribe ACTION" FTP:, /pub/Activism/[ACTION/]

Gopher:, 1/Activism[/ACTION]


A mailing list that gates the Usenet newsgroup.

ACTIV-L is a moderated forum concerned with "progressive" political

action (human rights, environment, empowerment, media censorship, etc.)

subscribe (??): listserv@mizzou1.bitnet or,

message body: "SUBSCRIBE ACTIV-L <name>"

American Library Association Office of Intellectual Freedomís freedom of expression forum (mainly of interest to librarians, archivists, and those following computers & academic freedom issues.)

Subscribe:, message body: "sub alaoif <name>"


The American Communication Association invites subscriptions to its on-line discussion group for Free Speech Issues. The topics include current and historical issues in freedom of expression, reviews of recent books and articles related to free speech, constitutional interpretation, research opportunities, current litigation, communication policy, privacy, censorship, and other areas relating to freedom of expression, both in the United States and elsewhere.

General: Stephen Smith <> Subscribe:, message body:

"sub AMEND1-L <first name> <lastname>"

A newsletter of short articles about cable tv and telecom regulatory issues, of definite relevance to anyone tracking the unfolding of the NII/"Data Superhighway" issues.


Subscribe:, message body: "SUBSCRIBE

TELECOMREG <FIRSTNAME> <LASTNAME>"[no quotes; NOTE: TELECOMREG is a general discussion list to which CRD is sent, not a CRD-only list]

FTP:, /tv-film-video/cable-reg/, /pub/Publications/E-journals/Cable_Reg/

Gopher:, 1/tv-film-video/cable-reg, 1/Publications/E-journals/Cable_Reg

WWW: gopher:// Finger: (current issue returned as finger output)

CPSRís California public accesss to government information forum. Seeing the great strides CA has made in the area of govt. info online, this is likely to be a hot list for some time to come.

Subscribe:, message body: "subscribe calgovinfo <name>"

Mailing list for discussion of community and civic networks.

Subscribe: or, message body:

"subscribe COMMUNET <name>"

Mailing list for discussion of community access issues

Subscribe:, message body:

"subscribe COMMUNITY-ACCESS <name>"

Like RISKS, a moderated digest-format electronic newsletter. It is more open that RISKS or PFD, "and was established to provide a forum for discussion on the effect of technology on privacy. All too often technology is way ahead of the law and society as it presents us with new devices and applications. Technology can enhance and detract from privacy."

Moderator: Len Levine

Subscribe:, message body: "subscribe"

UseNet: comp.society.privacy

FTP:, /pub/comp-privacy/

Gopher:, 1/"Computer Privacy Digest" [quotes mandatory]



[See PRIVACY Forum Digest (PFD)]

Cu-Digest, or CuD, is a more-or-less-weekly on-line electronic journal/news digest. The Digest is intended as a forum for the discussion of legal, ethical, social, and other issues regarding computerized information and communications. We welcome contributions reflecting diversity of thought and perspective, focussed on the computer/telecommunications culture including BBSes, Internet, and public access systems. CuD is focussed especially on alternative groups that exist outside of the conventional net community. General/Moderator/Editor: Jim Thomas <> BITNET: tk0jut2@niu.bitnet <- NOTE: Thatís tk*ZERO*jut2 not tk*OH*jut2 Archivists: Subscribe, Internet:, message body:

"SUB CUDIGEST <firstname> <lastname>" [no quotes]

Subscribe, BITNET: listserv@uiucvmd.bitnet, message body:

"SUB CUDIGEST <firstname> <lastname>" [no quotes]


FTP:, pub/Publications/CuD/CuD/ (, /pub/CuD/ (, /pub/eff/cud/ (, /pub/disk1/cud/, /src/wuarchive/doc/EFF/Publications/CuD/CuD/

/obi/Computer.U.Digest/ (partial mirror), /pub/doc/cud/, /pub/cud/, /mirror/, /pub/mirrors/, /pub/doc/EFF/Publications/CuD/CuD/, /pub/wuarchive/doc/EFF/Publications/CuD/CuD/

gopher:, 1/Publications/CuD/CuD


BBS: USA - RIPCO - +1 312 528 5020

Rune Stone IIRGWHQ - +1 203 832 8441

Luxembourg - ComNet - +352 466893

Italy - Empire - +39 461 980493

Belgium - Virtual Access - +32 69 45 51 77

FidoNet FREQ: 1:11/70 (unlisted nodes/points welcome) CompuServe: IBMBBS SIG, DL0 & DL4; LAWSIG, DL1; TELECOM, DL1 GEnie: PF*NPC RT library and VIRUS/SECURITY library.

AOL: PC Telecom forum, Computing Newsletters library

Delphi: Internet SIG, General Discussion database

Voice +1 815 753 0303

Fax: +1 815 753 6302

Snail: Jim Thomas, Editor

Department of Sociology, NIU

DeKalb IL 60115 USA.


CAF is a list/newsgroup/archive devoted to issues of computing, freedom of expression, and privacy, especially in relation to the edu-cational and academic communities. CAF is available in several forms, is archived, and has been provided storage space by the Electronic Frontier Foundation for a collection of related important documents. comp-academic-freedom-talk (caf-talk) is the interactive discussion version of the list. comp-academic-freedom-batch is a digested version that presents each dayís contributions as a single compilation, rather that a continuous stream of incoming separate messages. comp-academic-freedom-news is a digested version featuring a weekly sample of the most important messages. comp-academic-freedom-abstracts is a weekly digest containing only abstracts rather than the full text of the list. For more detailed information on the versions, send a message body of "LONGINDEX" to

General (editors): Bill Arnold <>

Carl Kadie <>

Technical admin:

Archivists: Jonathan Greenfield <>

Carl Kadie <>

Subscribe:, message body: "subscribe

comp-academic-freedom-*" (replace "*" with "talk", "batch", "news" or "abstracts", as apropos for the version you want.)

Some sort of net.commerce stuff. Lousy description, I know. Looking for more info.

Admin: Craig Summerhill <> Subscribe:, message body:

"subscribe cni-modernization <name>"

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility newsletter

Subscribe:, message body: "subscribe alert <name>"

A new CPSR-sponsored mailing list on global information infrastructure issues.

Moderator: Marsha Woodbury.

Subscribe:, message body: "subscribe cpsr-global"

[See Public-Access Computer Systems.]




Brock Meekís newsletter of alerts and articles on information technology and telecom policy. Meeks, who writes from _Communications_Daily_ and WIRED among others, has rare, and often biting, insight into whatís really going on, most of the time. Highly recommended.

Subscribe:, message body: "subscribe cwd-l"

"An electronic forum for the discussion of the philosophical and psychological implications of subjectivity in cyberspace...We are interested in particular in the philosophical, psychological/ psychoanalytic and social issues engendered, particularly as they concern the user and the social [realm]...: the psychology of intimacy, the role of gender, the phenomenology of the terminal screen, neurosis and paranoia on the Net, the relationship of lag to community and communi-cation, sex/gender/sexual orientation theory and electronic subjectivity, the role of the symbolic or imaginary in computer communication, the implications of symbolic extensions of the human (Ďexternal memoryí, and so forth), fantasy and the hallucinatory aspects of email/USENET groups/MUDs, and the psychoanalysis of lurking."

General: Alan Sondheim <>

Subscribe:, message body:

"subscribe cybermind <email address>"

The Cypherpunks mailing lists exist for those interested in cryptography and itís political rammifications, programming encryption software, creation of digital cash and electronic banking via secure (and anonymous) crypto tech, local crypto-oriented activism, hacking cypher hardware, and more. There also tends to be much libertarian/ anarcho-capitalist debate as well. The main list is fairly high-traffic. The UK branch generally goes by the name of UK Crypto-Privacy Assoc., and like some of the other local sub-groups, has face-to-face meetings. The CypherWonks list is a split-off that is generally opposed to the anarchic stance of some on the main list. A recent addition to the stable is Cypherpunks Lite, a lower-traffic version for more serious participants. Joining the list requires a membership fee [donít have address for this yet]. I have no info at the moment on the local groups, other than the Austin & Boston Cypherpunks, so if anyone has info to pass on please do so. Thereís now a hardware-oriented sublist also.

Main list admin: Eric Hughes <>

Main subscribe:, message body: "subscribe

cypherpunks <name>"

Main FTP admin: Eric Hughes <> (Berkeley)

Karl Lui Barrus <> (BSU)

Al Whaley <> (CPSR)

Main FTP:, /pub/cypherpunks/ (many mirrors exist), /cypherpunks/, /pub/cypherpunks/

Main WWW admin: Eric Hughes <>

Main WWW:

Hardware admin: J.D. Blair <>

Hardware subscribe:, message

body: "subscribe cp-hardware <name>"

Austin admin: Jim McCoy <>

Doug Barnes <>

Austin subscribe:

message body: "subscribe austin-cypherpunks <name>" or

"subscribe austin-cypherpunks-announce <name>"

Austin FTP:, /pub/cypherpunks/

Austin WWW:

Boston admin: Derek Atkins <>

Boston subscribe: ask

Wonks admin:

Wonks subscribe:, message body: "subscribe


Lite admin/subscribe: Inquire with Eric Blossom <>

Forum for technical discussion of cryptographic networking protocols and the creation of encrypted, secure networks.

Subscribe:, message body:

"subscribe dc-nets <name>"

Education and law forum (?)

Subscribe:, message body: "subscribe edlaw <name>"

Newsletters of informative and timely summaries of new technological developments and the effects of computer and information tech-nology on education, published by Educom, "a consortium of leading colleges and universities seeking to transform education through the use of information technology." Even if you are not interested in education issues, this is a valuable (though free) service, and tracks a wide range of comms, computing, market, regulatory and legal issues. EduPage comes out several times per week, while Update is a bi-weekly summary.


Subscribe (EduPage):, message body: "subscribe edupage

<firstname> <lastname>"

Subscribe (Update):, message body: "subscribe update

<firstname> <lastname>"

Portugese/Spanish versions: ask

The Electronic Frontier Foundationís distribution for EFF newsletters and press releases and other items of note. This is a moderated list/newsgroup that does not allow posts from readers (such postings are redirected to EFF-Talk). EFF-News is a low-traffic list/group, and features each issue of EFFector Online newsletter, as well as announcements, summaries of hearings and conferences, testimony transcripts, etc. A newsletter-only list is also available.

General admin:

Technical admin:

EFF info:

Subscribe (full News list):, message body: "subscribe


Subscribe (EFFector Online only):, message body:

"subscribe effector-online"

FTP:, /pub/, /pub/EFF/Newsletters/EFFector/

Gopher:, 1/EFF/Newsletters/EFFector

WWW: [For topic-sorted archives of news items, see Policy subdirectories; for newsletter backissues, see EFFector directory.]

The Electronic Frontier Foundationís general discussion forum - focuses on EFF policy, cyberspace legal issues, the "data superhighway", networking and activism, and computing futures and potential. EFF-Talk is available as a Usenet newsgroup, a mailing list, and, in some areas, a FidoNet echomail conference. EFF is a 501©(3) US non-profit organization devoted to civil liberties in computing and communications. As with, this newsgroup/list is not archived in full, but important documents are placed in EFFís online library in the Policy (a.k.a. Issues) directory. See below for full paths and URLs.

General admin:

Technical admin:

EFF Info:

Subscribe:, message body: "subscribe comp-org-eff-talk" Usenet: FidoNet: Zone 1 - INET.EFF.TALK (not backboned; feed nodes unknown)

FTP:, /pub/




The Electronic Frontier Foundationís newsletter, EFFector Online (frequency: 1-4 per month), a small journal summarizing important issues of civil liberties in cyberspace. Frequently reports on methods of access to government representatives and info, legal cases of relevance to online communications, activism, "data superhighway" politics, Senate and House hearing testimony, cryptography and privacy, and threat to civil liberties. This is a moderated list/newsgroup that does not allow posts from readers. EFFector Online is a low-traffic list. The EFF-News list carries EFFector, but also includes press releases, hearing summaries, and other relevant documents.

General admin:

Technical admin:

EFF info:

Subscribe (EFFector Online only):, message body:

"subscribe effector-online"

Subscribe (full News list):, message body: "subscribe



A newsletter dedicated to informing and explaining the policies and practices surrounding the transformation of public information to electronic form. Founded in November 1991, EPIN is published biweekly (24 issues a year) in a paper format. An EPIN summary is distributed free of charge to the Internet community. EPIN is an independent publication with no ties to any stakeholder within the information community. The newsletter is based in the Washington, D.C. area; the editor is James McDonough. The subscription cost is US$249 a year for business and government; US$130 for libraries and public interest organizations and US$65 for individuals.

Subscribe (online summaries):

FTP:, /pub/Publications/E-journals/EPIN/

Gopher:, 1/Publications/E-journals/EPIN



Subscribe (hardcopy): EPIN

Box 21001

Washinton DC 20009 USA

Fax: +1 301 365 3621


A list of Frequently Asked Questions & answers about using the Internet to send faxes (fast, free to the user [no long distance call!], and great for activist use); issued as a periodical, and regularly updated. By Kevin Savetz.

Subscribe:, subject line: "subscribe fax-faq" FTPmail:, subject: "send fax-faq" FTP:, /pub/Net_info/Technical/net-fax.faq Gopher:, 1/pub/Net_info/Technical, net-fax.faq WWW: Usenet: news.answers (regularly posted)

(subscribe: Email to ""

with line "sub gaynet <FULL NAME>"

A moderated mailing list where new gopher servers and software are announced, gopher-announce is probably the best way to learn of new activism-relevant servers (govt. gophers, organization gophers, etc.) General gopher discussion happens on an altogether more verbose and techie mailing list than gopher-announce. (To subscribe to gopher-news, send a request to: gopher-news-request

Subscribe:, message body:

"subscribe gopher-announce <firstname> <lastname>"






(subscribe: Email to ""

with line "sub ifreedom <FULL NAME>"

List focusing on Internet usage in libraries (of relevance to activists due to public access to information and intellectual freedom issues). NOTE: This list concentrates on German libraries (and those in other German-speaking areas), and the primary language of the list is German, though English posts are accepted.


Subscribe:, message body: "SUBSCRIBE INETBIB"

Fax: M. Schaarwaechter, +49 231 727 5021

Snail: M. Schaarwaechter

Uni. Dortmund, Library, Network

Vogelpothsweg 76

D-44227 Dortmund, Deutchland


Subscribe:, message body: "SUBSCRIBE INTCAR-L

<firstname> <lastname>"

A list of electronic publications about Internet/Usenet, issued as a periodical, and regularly updated. By Kevin Savetz & John M. Higgins. Subscribe:, subject line: "subscribe ipress" FTPmail:, subject: "send ipress" FTP:, /pub/Net_info/Resources/net_epub.list Gopher:, 1/pub/Net_info/Resources, net_epub.list WWW: Usenet: news.answers (regularly posted)


A list of interesting and useful services and resources on the internet, issued as a periodical, and regularly updated. By Kevin Savetz. Subscribe:, subject line: "subscribe is-faq" FTPmail:, subject: "send is-faq" FTP:, /pub/Net_info/Resources/net_services.faq Gopher:, 1/pub/Net_info/Resources, net_services.faq WWW: Usenet: news.answers (regularly posted)

A free online newsletter similar to CuD, but longer and monthly. Highly recommended. Topics frequently include online advocacy, political alerts, info on net.culture, privacy, cryptography, censorship and more.

Admin (editorial):

Admin (technical): dfox@fennec.con,

Subscribe: ask

FTP:, /pub/Zines/JAUC/, /pub/tjoauc/, /pub/Publications/CuD/JAUC/

FTPmail: ask

Gopher:, 1/Publications/CuD/JAUC


The LITA Newsletter (ISSN 0196-1799) is published quarterly by the Library and Information Technology Association, a division of the American Library Association. The hardcopy LITA Newsletter is sent free of charge to members of the Library and Information Technology Association. Nonmembers may subscribe for US$25 per year in US, US$30 in Canada and Mexico, and US$40 in other foreign countries. See print LITA Newsletter for details. The online edition is available free from the LITANEWS mailing list. Besides library administration issues, LITA frequently has articles regarding online archival, networking, electronic mail systems, GIS, AI, the "information superhighway" and other topics relevant to online activism.

Editor: Gail Junion-Metz <>

Subscribe (online): or listserv@dartcms1.bitnet,

message body: "SUBSCRIBE LITANEWS <firstname>


An occasional series of electronic postings on democratic politics of science and technology, issued by the Loka Institute.

Admin: Dick Sclove <>

Subscribe requests: ask


MN-POLITICS is an unmoderated Internet electronic-mail list for the sharing of information on and discussion of Minnesota politics and public policy. Members of this forum are encouraged to contribute campaign and election information, announcements from Minnesota-focused political and civic organizations, public policy and legislative information, and presentations on issues of public interest. MN-POLITICS is associated with the Minnesota E-Democracy Project.

Subscribe requests:, message body: subscribe mn-politics

Admin: Mick Souder <>


A periodical & frequently updated list of "newsy periodicals available through the Internet." By John Higgins.

Subscribe:, subject: SUBSCRIBE NET-LETTER

FTP:, /pub/Net_info/Resources/e-zines.list

Gopher:, 1/Net_info/Resources, e-zines.list


A free, monthly online newsletter about networks and democracy. Available via the RRE mailing list, backissues archived on the RRE files-by-email server (see separate Red Rock Eater [RRE] entry), and editor Phil Agreís WWW site.

Subscribe (RRE):, message body: "subscribe

<firstname> <lastname>"

FTPmail:, subject line: "archive help"


A weekly newsletter of information relevant to community networking issues, as well as interesting and useful pointers to Internet resources. Subscribe/Info: (request to be added to N&C list)

FTP:, /pub/Publications/E-journals/Net_Com/

Gopher:, 1/Community/communets/, 1/Publications/E-journals/Net_Com

WWW: gopher://

NSF Network News (ISSN 1072-5172 hardcopy, 1072-6101 online) is published bimonthly in electronic and hard copy formats by InterNIC. The goal of this publication is to educate Internet users about network issues, resources, and tools; announce new and innovative uses of the Internet; and inform the Internet community of the activities of the InterNIC. Electronic subscriptions: free. Domestic hardcopy subscriptions:

free. International hardcopy subscriptions: US$30/year for postage and handling. Three versions of the electronic subscription are available: newsletter-dist is the mailing list for the ASCII text version of the newsletter; newsletter-html is the list for the HTML version (open document locally with your WWW browser); newsletter-announce is the list for brief announcements that describe the contents of current issue and how to get it.

Admin: Paul W. Wilson (Editor) <>

Subscribe:, message body: "subscribe <mailing list

name - see 3 versions above>"

FTP:, /infoguide/about-internic/newsletter/

FTPmail:, message body: "send help"

Gopher:, 1/infoguide/about-internic/newsletter


WAIS: server -; source - internic-infoguide

Voice: +1 619 455 4600

Fax: +1 619 455 4640

Snail: InterNIC, General Atomics

P.O. Box 85608, 9-2071

San Diego CA 92186-9784


Online-news is an Internet mailing list on the topic of online newspapers and magazines. It serves as a forum to discuss the evolution of newspaper and magazine experiments in electronic publishing. It also is the place in cyberspace where professionals working to design electronic publications of the future meet to get to know each other and exchange ideas. Online-news is NOT a general journalism discussion list. Its subject matter is limited to electronic publications.

Admin: Steve Outing <>

Subscribe:, message body: "subscribe online-news"

Voice (admin): +1 510 236 2118

Online newsletters & announcements of the White Houseís Office of Technology Assessment (topics range from osteoporosis to NII, but is often relevant to online advocacy issues.)


Subscribe:, message body: "subscribe otanews

<email address>"

Like RISKS, a rather selectively moderated digest. "It spans the full range of both technological and non-technological privacy-related issues (with an emphasis on the former)." Sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery.

Moderator: Lauren Weinstein

Info:, message body: "information privacy"

Subscribe:, message body: "subscribe privacy


FTP:, /privacy/

Gopher:, 1/privacy



(PACS-N); Current Cites

PACS-L is an Internet list that deals with all computer systems that

libraries make available to their patrons. While many users are

librarians, PACS-L also serves computer specialists, faculty members, and

others. The list was founded in June 1989. Currently, there are over

8,270 users in 64 countries. Moderated, archived. The University of

Houston Libraries provides PACS-L as a public service. Also available:

PACS-R, a refereed e-journal (also available by volume in book form);

PACS-N, an online newsletter, is sent out on the PACS-L list and is available as archived files. the PACS-P (PACS publications) mailing list carries both PACS-R and PACS-N, as well as Current Cites, and online periodic bibliographic e-pub that reviews relevant publications.

General (PACS-L):

General (PACS-R): Charles W. Bailey, Jr. <>

General (PACS-N): Dana Rooks <>

Subscribe (PACS-L): (message body: "SUBSCRIBE PACS-L

<Firstname> <Lastname>"

Subscribe (PACS-R, PACS-N & Current Cites only): same address (message body

"SUBSCRIBE PACS-P <Firstname> <Lastname>")

List database search (email): same address (message body "INFO DATABASE") List database search (telnet):, login: brsuser FTP:, /pub/Publications/E-journals/PACS/ FTPmail: (message body: "INDEX PACS-L F=MAIL")

Gopher:, 1/articles/e-journals/uhlibrary, 1/Publications/E-journals/PACS

WWW: gopher://


List for informational forwards & other resource materials, many of which are of interest to online activists). Also serves as the distribution list for The Network Observer (see separate entry.)


Subscribe:, message body: "subscribe

<firstname> <lastname>"

FTPmail:, subject line: "archive help"


Risks is an online newsletter of sorts, the "forum on risks to the public in computers and related systems" of the ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy. Risks is a wealth of information and banter about various issues surrounding computers, communications and networking, and is moderated by Peter G. Neumann. Subscribe requests: (subscribe risks [name])

Usenet: comp.risks

FTP:, /pub/risks

Voice: +1 818 225 2800 [to inquire about faxíd issues ONLY]

+1 415 859 2375, Peter G. Neumann [last resort!]

Fax: +1 818 225 7203 [issues are avail. via fax]

This forum is the Internet discussion group of the Telecommunications Policy Roundtable (TPR). The TPR is a coalition of more than 100 organizations which was organized in the spring of 1993 to discuss federal telecommunications and information policy. ROUNDTABLE is an open list which is devoted to the dissemination of information about TPR activities, as well as discussions about federal telecommunications and information policy. (Subscribers to ROUNDTABLE need not be members of the TPR.) The list was created to facilitate discussions among current TPR members, and to extend discussions of policy to those who cannot participate in roundtable meetings because of geographic barriers. Among the topics which will be examined on this list is a discussion of model telecommunications legislation. TPR members are also encouraged to post press releases and other notices which are relevant to the TPR.

Admin: Jamie Love <>

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The Scout Report is a weekly publication provided by InterNIC Information Servicesí "Info Scout", to assist InterNauts in their ongoing quest to know whatís new on and about the Internet. It focuses on those resources thought to be of interest to the InterNICís primary audience, researchers and educators, however everyone is welcome to subscribe and there are no associated fees. Over 10,000 subscribers.

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TPIN is an action resource published by the Office of Communication, United Church of Christ. TPIN tracks developments on the national information infrastructure, public access, equal opportunity in broadcasting, childrenís television, privacy and other issues affecting the public interest.

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[see under "N", rather than "T"]

This list is for organizers of local and other electronic activist groups and activities. The focus is on public policy, civil liberties, and community related to computing, telecommunications, and computer networks. This list is not public, and not all subscription requests are accepted. For a discussion list about electronic communities, try COMMUNET. If you do ask to subscribe to thesegroups, please say where you heard of it, or who sent you.

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A list of books about Internet/Usenet, issued as a periodical, and regularly updated. By Kevin Savetz.

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Moderated discussion & announcements about activism

Unmoderated discussion on activism. High traffic.

Unmoderated discussion on censorship and freedom of expression. High traffic.

Unmoderated discussion on information infrastructure issues, regulation and politics. High traffic. Newsgroup created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.




Unmoderated discussion on privacy. High traffic.

Unmoderated discussion on anonymous remailers and online anonymity/ pseudonymy.

Unmoderated discussion on Clipper/Skipjack/Tessera/Capstone, cryptographic key "escrow", and govt. encryption policy. High traffic.

Unmoderated discussion of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), the de facto Internet email encryption standard. High traffic.

Moderated newsgroup for CPSR/EPIC releases. Also available as mailing list. (see issues of EPIC Alert for subscribe info).

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Unmoderated discussion of issues related to the Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility. Topics include privacy, the NII, telecommunications reform and social implications of technology.

The Electronic Frontier Foundationís distribution for EFF newsletters and press releases and other items of note. This is a moderated newsgroup/list that does not allow posts from readers (such postings are redirected to EFF-News is a low-traffic group/list, and features each issue of EFFector Online newsletter, as well as announcements, summaries of hearings and conferences, testimony transcripts, etc.

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WWW: [For topic-sorted archives of news items, see Policy subdirectories; for newsletter backissues, see EFFector directory.]

The Electronic Frontier Foundationís general discussion forum - focuses on EFF policy, cyberspace legal issues, the "data superhighway", networking and activism, and computing futures and potential. is also available as a mailing list, and, in some areas, a FidoNet echomail conference. EFF is a 501©(3) US non-profit organization devoted to civil liberties in computing and communications. As with, this newsgroup/list is not archived in full, but important documents are placed in EFFís online library in the Policy (a.k.a. Issues) directory. See below for full paths and URLs.

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(See RISKS Forum Digest in mailing lists section for more info.)

(See Computer underground Digest in mailing lists section for more info.)

Unmoderated technical discussion of encryption (cryptology and cryptography), codebreaking, and related topics. High traffic, but high content. Warning: this newsgroup should be used as an information source; the participants are NOT amenable to postings of political material, non-technical discussion, and the like.

Unmoderated newsgroup for discussion of govt. encryption policy and related topics. High traffic.

Unmoderated newsgroup for discussion of CommUnity, an EFF-like org. in Britain, and the issues the organization works on, incl. civil liberties and activism.




Use a newsreader, such as nn, rn, trn, strn, nuntius, xrn, etc. to access Usenet newsgroups. Users of Delphi, CIS, and some other commercial online systems can also access Usenet via features built into such systems.

















[many more need to be added]





Online service focusing on women and womenís issues. Hosts online resources of more than 15 womenís-interest and other nonprofit groups, through the Organization Access feature, which offers direct access to nonprofit organizations and professional associations. Among the first groups to contribute to this electronic clearinghouse are The Boston Womenís Health Book Collective, Alumnae Resources, Womenís Cancer Resource Center, San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women, several chapters of the National Organization for Women, Students Organizing Students, National Education Center for Women in Business, and the Domestic Abuse Awareness Project. By entering the organizationsí virtual doors, users gain access to up-to-date action aslerts, calendar, newsletters, resources and expert advice on health, politics, careers and more. WWIRE is a subscriber-only service. Listing here is not an endorsement or recommendation of the service, just a notice that activist-oriented resources may be located here.


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Voice: +1 415 615 8989




** Other Online Publications **

A new scholarly publication, JCMC is a joint project of the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California, and the Information Systems Division of the School of Business Administration, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The Editors are Margaret McLaughlin and Sheizaf Rafaeli. The journal seeks to publish original essays and research reports on such topics as interpersonal and group processes in communication networks, issues of privacy, economics and access raised by the developing information infrastructure, instructional communication in distance learning, computer-supported cooperative work, and organizational and social policy issues occasioned by the new medium.



** Archive Sites (FTP/Gopher/WWW)

Large collection of electronic publications on the computer underground, including hacking, security, and civil liberties online publications.

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A live index to "newsy" civil-liberties-related Net material

Large collection of electronic publications on networking, telecommuniations regulation, online legal issues, privacy & security, civil liberties, and more. Includes books and articles as well as serial publications.

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A joint telco lobbying groupís archive of telecom regulatory material. Though an industry rather than public interest endeavour, the archive provides much timely, important, and hard to find legislative material, including hearing transcripts and testimony.





** BBSs **

+1 202 638 6119 (8N1, 300-14400bps V.32bis V.42bis,

16800bps ZyXEL protocol)


** FTPMail & Files-by-Email Servers **

This server provides access to information and services available from the InterNICís Directory and Database Services. The server is used principally for access to the file archives, but other (free) services available from Directory and Database services include the Directory and Database Services X.500 server, which provides information on an institution or person; Internet document databases; the Directory and Database Services whois server, and much more. This valuable information is only an email message away.


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A project of Greg Aharonianís Internet Patent News Service, the PTES is similar to an FTPmail system, "where people can retrieve lists of patent titles dating back to 1970 for any USPTO class/subclass, and patent numbers for additional patents dating back to the 1800ís. The Patent Titles email server is the first step in our efforts to make the entire USPTO APS patent text database system accessible over the Internet. Approximately one gigabyte of data has been prepared and attached to the Internet.


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RRE mailing listís supplemental file archive, mostly material related to the social and political aspects of computing and networking. Archive site for TNO back issues (see The Network Observer, separate entry; cf. Red Rock Eater News Service entry.) Also available via WWW.


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** Misc. Online Resources **

[no entries]




Inside technical information on telephone and computer network operations. Published quarterly. [For 2600 discussion forum info, see mailing list and Usenet sections of this document.]


Editor: Emmanuel Goldstein

Cost: US$21/year.

Snail: P.O. Box 752

Middle Island NY 11953 USA


Book; technical introduction to encryption. Read _The_Codebreakers_ first. Note: The diskettes intended to accompany this book are the subject of quite a bit of (unwanted) US government attention. See, /pub/Legal/Cases/Karn_Schneier_export. Bruce Schneier, John Wiley & Sons Press, New York, 1994.

Book; Edward De Grazia, Aperture Press, 1990. Available from Loompanics (see Loompanics entry in this section).

Book; excellent and accessible history of cryptography for the non-mathematician; David Kahn, Macmillan Press, New York, 1967 [Somewhat outdated - does not cover the public key crypto revolution, nor the US governmentís attempts to subvert the crypto market. See also the _Applied_Cryptography_ entry in this section.]

Quarterly published by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Washington DC. [No other info available at present.]

[See under mailing lists section]

A monthly newspaper on surveillance and civil liberties issues.

Editor: Glen Roberts.

Cost: US$29.95/year.

Snail: Box 734

Antioch IL 60002 USA

Voice: +1 708 395 6200

Published quarterly by Privacy International & EPIC. The IPB covers international trends and new technologies. Each issue also includes reports from different countries and reviews of new publications.

Editor: Dave Banisar

Cost: US$50/year (individual)

US$200/year (organizational)

Snail: 666 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Suite 301

Washington DC 20003 USA

Broadcast Education Associationís quarterly; no other info available.

Anneberg School Press quarterly, Philadelphia PA. No other info available.

International Society for Technology in Education quarterly; Eugene, OR No other info available.

National Telemedia Council quarterly; Madison, WI. No other info available.

Large catalog of unusual books, including many on privacy, censorship and activism (mostly of the civil disobedience variety, but some more thoughtful items are also available.)

Voice: +1 206 385 2230

Fax: +1 206 385 7785

Snail: Loompanics Unlimited

P.O. Box 1197

Port Townsend WA 98368 USA


National Sisters Communication Service quarterly; Los Angeles, Calif. No other info available.

Journal of the School of Communication, Polytechnic of Central, London, UK.

No other info available.

Biannual of the Scottish Curriculum Development Centre, Moray House College of Education; Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. No other info available.

Australian Film & TV School quarterly; North Ryde, Australia. No other info available.


Freedom Forum Media Studies Center quarterly; New York City, NY. No other info available.

A/S/M Communications weekly; Brewster, New York. No other info available.

Book; Bennett Harrison, Basic Books, New York, 1994. "A terrific guide to the meaning of Ďflexibilityí in the global economy. Computer networks and other means of global coordination are not weakening the largest firms. Quite the contrary...Harrison has a definite thesis and point of view, but he is also admirably clear about the difficulties of deriving reliable conclusions from the available data, and he discusses several competing theories in generous detail." [Review excerpted from _The_Network_Observer_ #1.12]

[See LITA Newsletter under mailing lists section]

Asset protection and financial privacy. Published monthly.

Editor: Mark Nestman

Cost: US$149/year.

Snail: P.O. Box 84910

Phoenix AZ 85701 USA

Voice: +1 702 333 5942

[See NSF Network News, under mailing lists section]

Book; Bill Mann; A very comprehensive overview of US politics and and political resources online. Though not geared toward any particular kind of activism, anyone more active than a couch potato will find this to be of use. Pros: Covers the Libertarian and other parties as well as "the Big Two"; topical arrangement, clearly written by someone who actually knows what heís doing and talking about, detailed reviews of resources, besides pointers; introductory info for the beginning online grassroots activist; good indexing. Cons: appendices with govt. and NGO server lists would have been nice (but are, after all, available elsewhere already); focuses primarily on the US; has a slight bias against right-wing politics (for many readers this will of course be a big plus, but neutrality can be a virtue); and, like any work of this sort, it will age quickly - one hopes it will be reissued with updates every year or so. All in all, no serious flaws, and highly recommendable. 382 pages of pretty solid info. Que/Macmillan, Indianapolis, 1995;

ISBN: 0-7897-0286-x.

Cost: US$24.99 (less from discount booksellers)

Email: (Que), (author)

Snail: Que Corporation

201 W. 103rd St.

Indianapolis IN 46290 USA

Voice: 1 800 428 5331 (Que sales; US-only).

Published bi-monthly. A new publication, PAB provides the industry perspective on privacy. Bimonthly with special issues. Editor: Bob Belair.

Cost: US$395/year.

Snail: 2 University Plaza, Suite 414,

Hackensack NJ 07601 USA

Voice: +1 201 996 1154

Technical aspects of privacy and security. Focuses on electronic surveillance and counter-measures with recent assaults on privacy highlighted. 10/year.

Editor: Jim Ross.

Cost: US$35/year

Snail: 504 Shaw Road, Suite 222

Sterling VA 20166 USA Voice: +1 703 318 8600.

A monthly journal on mainly US privacy, now in its 20th year of publication. The PJ also publishes numerous books and compendia on privacy including its excellent yearly _Compilation_of_State_and_ _Federal_Laws_.

Editor: Robert Ellis Smith.

Cost: US$109/year

Snail: P.O. Box 28577,

Providence RI 02908 USA

Voice: +1 401 274 7861

A well written, law-oriented overview of privacy developments in NZ and Australia. 10 issues/year.

Cost: AU$345/year

Snail: Level 11, Carlton Centre

55-63 Elizabeth Street

Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

Voice: +61 2 221 6199


A quarterly comprehensive overview of privacy issues in Europe. Focuses mainly on regulatory and data protection from a business perspective. Editor: Stewart Dresner.

Cost: UK#240/year

Snail: 3 Central Ave.

Pinner, Middlesex HA5 5BT UK

Voice: +44 81 866 8641

Biweekly newsletter on information law. Each issue covers developments related to privacy and information access, including summaries of court decisions on the Freedom of Information Act and other relevant statutes. Editor: Evan Hendricks.

Cost: US$250/year

Snail: P.O. Box 21501

Washington DC 21501 USA

Voice: +1 202 829 3660

Bimonthly international overview of privacy, data protection, telecommunications and information access.

Editor: Russell Pipe

Cost: US$280/year.

Snail: P.O. Box 10528

Burke VA 22009-0528




Voice: 1 800 342 9860