Tommaso Tozzi picture collect

Tommaso Tozzi picture's collect

  • "Hacker Art"

    Printed in various italian pubblications: "Cyberpunk" first italian cyberpunk anthologhy (1990), "Decoder" magazine #6 (1991), ...

  • "No copyright - no media manipulators"

    Scritta "No copyright - no media manipulators" sullo sfondo dell'interfaccia grafica della rivista on-line 'Metanetwork'.

  • "Igloo Link"

    logo della rubrica sulla rivista d'arte "La Stanza Rossa".

  • "Virtual Town TV" (1)

    New look of Hacker Art BBS. Graphical User Interface, five lines, 28.800 baud, preview on-line of picture, video and sound (mac and windows) and multi-chat. Daily interactive transimissions on-line (multi-chat) from editorial staff on politic, rights, art, network, culture, educational and alternative. V.T.T.V. is node of Cybernet, Peacelink, European Counter Network, Fidonet, Firnet, Toscanet, OneNet Italia and The Internet (only for mail and News). In V.T.T.V. everyone can build his palace and use it to create public conferences or archives. No profit.

  • "Virtual Town TV" (2)

    Another part of Graphical User Interface.

  • "Gli utenti di Virtual Town TV"

    (1995)Un 'omaggio' grafico agli utenti di Virtual Town TV.
    Paper and tape.