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Mailing-list on artistic activism

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AHA mailing-list's is a free electronic public space on artistic activism.

Artistic activism means any kind of free non-copyright creativity, to promote the idea of horizontal use of media, to stimulate real experimentation on expressive language without any censorship or gerarchy.

Artistic activismpromotes free thought about the use of new technology. is an open place to meet and to exchange ideas about art, hacking and activism. It doesn’t matter who you are, it is important what you do, how you act and how express freely you and your ideas.

The AHA mailing list is a place where you can share your knowledge and where you can propose ideas, suggest and create new collective projects about experimental and artistic use of nwe technologies.

AHA is a collective virtual place which advocates the free use of art and software.
Somewhere you can find and give information on activism, hacking and artivism.

This mailing list encourages users to think about art as an open network and provides the possibility to exchange information, creativity and communication. A maiiling list for whoever wants to create art through hacktivism.

The info posted by subscribers is not under copyright and this list is not owned by a public/private company.

Rock the boat against copyright and encourage Activism!

AHA was created on 31 December 2002.
To send e-mail to AHA write to:
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AHA is hosted by Isole nella Rete
AHA works in collaboration with logo_neural a new media art, electronic music and hacktivism magazine:

Enjoy AHA