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Washington State Jobs with Justice Boeing Machinists Home Page

Seattle Professional Engineering Employees Association (SPEEA) - The union representing Boeing's engineers and technical workers contract is up this year as well. This page gives up to date status on negotiations and other information.

Militia Watch

After the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, thereis an apparent connection to the various extreme right wing paramilitarygroups and this tragedy. The following articles give some outstandinghistory and background on the militias.

The Anti Defamation League's militia report
Rise of Citizen Militias- From Covert Action Quarterly's Spring 1995 issue
Armed Militias, Right Wing Populism, & Scapegoating -militia report from Political Research Associates
Patriot Games -Detroit Metro News feature on the Michigan Militia
Leaderless resistance and the Oklahoma City Bombing -report from BACORR
Nazis, Militias, and the Abuse of History
Militias in the Pacific Northwest- Report on a Militia of Montanna meeting in Bothell, WA
A.M. Armies -Report from EXTRA!, the magazine of Fairness and Acurracy in Reporting (FAIR)
The Lyndon LaRouche Organization- History of the facist LaRouche cult
Right Wing Trail of Terror -Op-ed from An Phoblact/Republican News
News items from Arizona, Oregon, Illinois
Is Idaho a State of Hate or Just Confused?

These are the WWW sites ofvarious "Christian Patriot" and Far Right movements.While the above are reports and studies of the extreme right,these will give your first hand information from the Patriot/Militiamovement.

The Patriot Archives -FTP site of Militia and Far Right material
The BeastNet Archives -FTP site of BeastNet - Conspriacy theories
The (Unoffical) John Birch Society Homepage
The Journal forPatriotic Justice in America - Extreme right wing e-zine

Progressive home pages, archives, and news

Political Research Associates - Information on the BEST clearinghouse on the extreme right
The classic Malcolm X interviewby Alex Haley (May 1963)
EZLN Home Page HomePage for the Zapatistas in the Mexican state of Chiapas. YA BASTA!

Mother Jones-Award winning investigative journal.
The Noam Chomsky Archive -Probably THE best critic of U.S. domestic and foreign policy

TimorNet-Information on East Timor, site of the worst genocide since theHolocaust
This Modern World- Cartoons by Tom Tommorow
Liberal Information Page -Other things of interests for liberals and leftists.
Institute for Global Communications -World wide progressive resource center
Amerikan Newspeak -Updated weekly
The Activist Guide -End the Drug War!
Radical politics gopher -E-zines and material from a variety of sources
The Institute for First Amendment Studies
McLibel- Information on the libel suit against two London Greenpeace activists by McDonald's, or should I say McToxic..
Rep. Bob Dornan(R-CA), probably the closest thing to a facist in the U.S. Congress.
The Journal of Hard Response Dedicated to smash the Right with many creative angles!
The Pink Noise ArchivesLove and Rage - Revolutionary Anarchy Page

Activist newsgroups on USENET

alt.politics.radical-left -Progressive activists newsgroup (via ftp)

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