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Impact Online's Best of Web Nonprofit Sites for 1995. The award was given while this site was still run by Ellen Spertus. She gets all credit for this excellent resource. Last Updated December 20, 1995

The page you are looking at right now is The Meta-Index of Non-profit Organizations on the Web, formerly run by Ellen Spertus. If you wish to have a listing included in this page, please send http addresses and descriptions of Directories and Indices to me ( (Peter Tavernise)) from now on. State clearly that the listing is a directory/index.

If you have an single non-profit site to list that is not a directory or non-profit resource, submit it to the Philanthropy Index.


Other general lists of non-profit organizations:

Information for nonprofit organizations and activists

Human Rights

Civil Liberties and Politics

Health and Human Services

Environmental Issues and Animal Rights


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